Just random dump of quick dirty scripts
Updated 8 days ago
Quickly identify vulnerabilities in PHP applications
Updated on 16 Apr
Documents to help with Pi Zero / Pi Zero W pinouts and protocols
Updated on 18 Mar
Get statistics from GoPhish campaign
Updated on 1 Oct
Script to automatically draw on badge of drawonmybadge.com
Updated on 30 Jul
Earplug schematics and code for Defcon 27
Updated on 15 Jul
Wireless Wateringhole Attack
Updated on 3 Jul
Example scripts and useful links for the Heltec WiFi Kit 8
Updated on 16 Jun
SMShing implementation using GoPhish and Twilio SMS gateway
Updated on 18 May 2019
Documentation for the hardware safe cracking game
Updated on 11 May 2019
PHP web application for use with moodlog.txt
Updated on 9 May 2019
A sublime plugin to give syntax highlighting to moodlog.txt
Updated on 9 May 2019
CVSS 3.0 Calculator GUI
Updated on 9 May 2019
Check Headers and SSL
Updated on 7 May 2019
Smart alarm clock
Updated on 7 May 2019