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Wake up with custom messages and notifications


festival, php5, php5-imap, alarm of your choice (I use alarm-clock-applet)

$> apt-get install festival php5 php-imap alarm-clock-applet
$> php5enmod imap

Installation and Usage

git clone the repo, update submodules and make executable:

cd /opt
git pull
cd SmartAlarm
git pull && git submodule init && git submodule update && git submodule status
chmod +x ./alarm.php

Modify config.php to contain your API keys, settings etc.

Add custom command to your alarm program (alarm-clock-applet) to launch SmartAlarm stop script. eg.

konsole -e "/opt/SmartAlarm/"

Add command to launch alarm before sleeping (I use gpodder) so under "podcast"->"preferences" set "audio player" to:

/opt/SmartAlarm/ %U


  • Custom messages
  • Gmail number of emails and unread count
  • Weather (temp, wind speed, cloud coverage, overview)
  • Date and week no.
  • Quote of the day
  • Record microphone overnight