This is a simple template, feel free to use and modify how you like I just request that you keep the "Template By Ross Marks" link in the footer. This was made in 1 day, with no intention of creating a template I just started typing in notepad and made this!

There are pretty much unlimited choices regarding column sizes can pe full page like the paragraph you are reading or 2 columns or even 3 (I have only coded for 2 but should be simple enough to add more), due to it being built on skeleton. Skeleton is also the technology that makes this template responsive, go ahead - resize your browser and see.

As you can see there are a few styling rules like floating images either on the left or the right. The text will automatically wrap around them. Along with the default ones that come with Boilerplate and Skeleton.


- Responsive to fit any screen size
- Colour scheme from here
- Easy to modify and use
- Well structured folders
- I tried to make the code easy to read


- HTML5 Boilerplate
- Skeleton responsive grid
- Google analytics optimized code
- jQuery, Modernizr, HTML5 shiv

Final words

I hope you enjoy this, if you use it I would love to know, feel free to shoot me an email, also if you have any questions I'll be happy to help, you can email me via the contact form on www.rossmarks.co.uk