So I decided to make another template.
Usual rules, please keep the footer, feel free to redistribute use and share as long as the link back to me is intact.
As you can see it works well with 1 or 2 column layouts, also with little modification to the CSS you can use 3 or even 4 column layouts!
This template is responsive... go ahead load this up on your phone, or just resize your browser.
I've tried to make the code simple and easily read/edited.
If you use this I would love to know, feel free to send me an email.


This template is utalizing the HTML5 Boilerplate, including all it's gubbins (modernizr, jQuery, etc.)

The 12 column version of skeleton (https://github.com/offshoot/Skeleton).

We have the optimized google analytics script from http://mathiasbynens.be/notes/async-analytics-snippet

The theme is from: http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/728391/Dig_My_Olive_Branch

Easter Egg

If you hover over the title you will find it, to remove just edit the /js/script.js file.



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