About me

about-me I have been passionate about computers since before I can remember. Ever since owning my own we have been glued together. I have done multiple courses and created various websites. Worked in a computer shop for a couple of years. Security is a strong focus of mine and have been enthusiastic about it for many a year now.

Between April 2016 and September 2019 I was a member of SynAck's red team. An exclusive group of penetration testers participating in a closed bug bounty program.


CSTL (Web): CHECK Team Leader
Member Number: RO030921KS
Date: 3rd September 2021
Confirm CHECK Status: here here

SST (Web): CHECK Team Leader
View SST profile: here use code "MAR2017057"
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QSTM: CHECK Team Member
View profile: here use code "MAR2015031"

Advanced Threat Methodology: PGI training facility 2015

EDEXCEL Level 3 BTEC National Certificate IT Practioners
(Software development)

  • Software development project - Merit
  • Programming concepts and practice - Merit
  • Business information systems - Pass
  • Visual programming - Pass
  • Website development - Pass

Information Technology: 3 credits at level 1, Chichester College

Basic Dreamweaver (OCN): 3 credits at level 1, Chichester College

IT2 Databases Using MS Access 2003: Learndirect at Progress learning, Chichester

The Prince's Trust: 12 week self development programme

Various GCSE's: english, maths, science, information technology, art (Passes)

WHID - Offensive Hardware Hacking eLearn Mobile Application Penetration Tester Frida For Beginners Practical IoT Pentesting Practical Hardware Pentesting ICS Security with GRFICS Mobile Application Penetration Testing with TCM Security Practical Web Application Security and Testing with TCM Security