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Hello there everyone. as the title states, this is indeed a new blog… not only that! but this is the first post in this new blog!… ohhh exciting 😀

I guess you may have some questions. feel free to ask in the comments, but for now here’s a little about this:

After watching a presentation that was given at the defcon B-sides (How I broke into the IT industry with nothing but a tweet and an email) [link] I have decided that this would be a great way to promote my passion and hopefully get some of my own opinions and views across.

Rather than trying to get expensive qualifications, that will take me forever to afford, I am hoping this will show knowledge in IT, specifically IT security.
I’m planning on staying on topic of IT security, but I’m sure will stray and discuss, exploits, patches and latest tech, maybe even a personal post here and there.

so for now, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates, and feel free to follow me on twitter if you would like to chat

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