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PHP web application for use with moodlog.txt


clone this into web root

edit config.php to contain:

1) md5 hash of login password

2) location of you moodlog.txt

Screenshot screenshot


There is a sort-of API with this, it's super basic and crappy.

Use GET requests to /index.php

Always include &password=[your password here]

here are the basic functtions:


get unfiltered main cal averages - output JSON


get filtered main cal averages (filter=+test-test@test-test...) - output JSON

&action=date&date=[specific date]

get specific date's log - output HTML

&action=date_average&date=[specific date]

get specific date's average - output no.

&action=latest&tag=[pos,neg or con]

get latest 5 tags - output JSON

&action=top&tag=[pos,neg or con]

get top 5 tags - output JSON


get all tags in popularity order - output JSON

&action=save&log=[your log to save]

save a new moodlog

the log format should be: no|small description+tag-tag+tag@context

however as simple single number will also work