Android App – “Homeless?”

Another short blog. Best be getting used to these by the looks of things.

So again.. lying in bed and I decide to install another game to see how it works.

I got a game called “Homeless?” It’s one of those clicker games. I can’t stand these. Click a button until another button unlocks then click that one. and so on.

Something strange is that it needed access to google drive. This is not a service I really use. I think it’s saving game data there.. not really sure why. so I decide to check what’s in shared_prefs (the usual place for storing stuff) low and behold I find:

shared_prefs  file contents

After playing with the values and reloading the app I’m at the top along with all of the other cheaters 🙂

game screen  high scores

Yea I’m 12’th – you can’t get a higher score than that (max value of a 32 bit int) with everything unlocked and the maximum amount of money you can get in the game.

This game also has a “pay to win” feature, you can get everything by playing the game, but hey monetization Also it would take FOREVER to unlock everything, aint nobody got time for dat!


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