Android App – “SFCave”

So this is just going to be another short blog post.

I was lying in bed playing one of my favourite games “SFCave”. I love it and have been playing for years. However there are some levels that I have never been able to play as I am too crap to unlock them.

On my current android app binge I decided to look into how the app stores which are locked/unlocked.. here are my results:

Firstly this is showing the locked stages and what is needed to unlock them!


01_level_select 02_needed


Now the game is loaded in an emulator it was time to look for stored settings.. The one I discovered at 11pm in bed wasn’t there… time to complete one of the challenges, not an easy task in an emulator running in a VM!.. but for you readers I did it 🙂

This unlocked 1 level and created to following file:



From this it was simply incrementing the numbers and adding “=1” to unlock all of the levels.



game over 🙂

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