Android App – “UnHackable”

This is going to be a very short post.

I wanted to play with some android apps and while roaming the play store came across a small app named “UnHackable” which only has a couple of hundred downloads.

“Perfect” I thought, probably not many people looking at it, challenge accepted.

So I load it up on my phone, there are 5 places to put numbers… simple.
I try to insert 1 number and the app crashes, thats bloody typical.

So the aim of the “game” is to guess these numbers to get access to a place where you can read the previous person to complete it’s text, and replace it with your own text.

First check local storage for databases or XML files hoping the answer was in there. nope, nothing.

Time to decompile the apk, simple enough and in “main” are the URL’s to retrieve the previous comment and the URL to send your own.

Game over


If you are wondering how the game is supposed to work, that is a little above the code in this screenshot. The in-game code is generated from the build version number and the only clue it ever gives you is for one of the 5 places. I’ll leave that as a challenge for the reader to complete.

I told you it would be a short post.

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